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Masterclass "Chocolate lessons"

A masterclass from Lviv Handmade Chocolate is a half an hour chocolate making for you and your friends!

Chocolate Tempering Masterclass Tempering chocolate, making a chocolate figurine on your own, decorating, finding out interesting facts about chocolate as well as drinking tasty beverages is an exciting event for both adults and kids.

Tempering milk chocolate consists of three steps: chocolate melting, chocolate cooling down very fast on a marble plate and second heating up in a melting machine in order to reach operation temperature. Later on, tempered chocolate has to be poured into special moulds and let it cool down. Participants make everything by themselves under control of a professional chocolatier.

Each participant will turn into a real chocolate artist and make his sweet dream come true. You’ll wear a chocolatier uniform and have all necessary utensils and natural chocolate. We’ll tell you about all tempering secrets and praline, how to decorate figurines and how to prepare chocolate roses - a top skill in chocolate art. Moreover, we’ll share with useful tips and award you with a Chocolate Artist Certificate.

Groups are formed starting from 5 people. This masterclass can be held for mixed groups, too (e.g. parents and children).

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