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Chocolate Tour

We are inviting you for a tour in “Lviv Handmade Chocolate”, giving a possibility to find out the mystery of chocolate, how’s the company mastered itas well as to watch the process of making handmade chocolate products.

Please enroll for the tour beforehand daily from 10:00 till 17:00 in the centre of Lviv - on 3 Serbska Str. Duration: 30 minutes. Number of people per group: 1 - 10.

Our guide will accompany the guests during the tour, telling them exciting facts from the history of chocolate in the world and about “Lviv Handmade Chocolate”. Participants will taste various chocolate (white chocolate with nuts, milk chocolate with caramel and exquisite dark chocolate (Uganda )). Each floor of “Lviv Handmade Chocolate” will tell them about the interior particularities, the assortment of chocolate and souvenirs and guests will feel the atmosphere of the chocolate world. Each participant will receive a sweet memorizing gift!

The Chocolate Tour price per person is only 125 UAH.

You are welcome to become utterly absorbed in the atmosphere of “Lviv Handmade Chocolate” and find out about the secrets of “sweet matter” together with us!

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