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The Winners of Chocolate & Coffee Competitions

A huge event was held on November 10th in “Victoria Gardens” shopping mall arranged by Lviv Handmade Chocolate - Art Plein Air and Barista Championship.

Participants arrived to Lviv from various restaurants of Lviv Handmade Chocolate chain in Ukraine.

Creative decorators-artists painted pictures on their own theme, that’s why judges watched the process with special interest. Each picture was combined by one condition - only usage of dark and white chocolate for painting. Pictures were incredible and realistic. The winner became Anna Bilshovets from Kyiv who painted a fantastically sensuous girl’s portrait that captured the hearts of the judges.

17 baristas from different parts of our country competed the whole day. Everyone showed his knowledge and skills aptly in preparing coffee drinks. Strict judges rated their original coffee and knowledge in coffee sphere. Thus, we are happy to announce the winner of Barista Championship this year - Ivan Stasiv (Lviv).

Guests who visited the chocolate and coffee event could enjoy many pleasant surprises: chocolate masterclasses of producing sweets for children, contests of speed eating sweets and guessing fillings of chocolate tablets. A finishing touch of the event was concerts performed by “INSHI” and VaBank jazz trio.

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