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Love Mail

Kissing Day is a day when you wish to gift your love sweet surprises or make sweeter your declaration of love.

In this special time, when an atmosphere of love and sweet feelings is soaring in the air, there is a great wish to impress our beloved ones and make a romantic gift. In order to share with your sincere feelings, just visit any Lviv Handmade Chocolate and choose a chocolate gift that will definitely surprise your partner. Everyone has a chance to select the most attractive chocolate hearts, unique and interesting chocolate figurines and handmade set of sweets. Or you can choose sweets to your taste and pack in a festive box. You can also plan a sweet surprise in advance: together with Lviv chocolatiers you can prepare an individual chocolate product with a romantic personalized lettering or an archive photo. It will impress your dearest person for sure.

Savouring melted chocolate or coffee with favourite sweets in Lviv Handmade Chocolate in the atmosphere, filled with frank smiles and feelings, warm hugs and words and also sweet kisses is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday together with a precious love.

Love Post will traditionally take place on February 2-13 in Lviv for happy people in love. In a café, located in “King Cross Leopolis” mall as well as in our online shop you can select a sweet gift and sign a postcard for your love and our “postmen” will deliver it for a specified address. It’s a real romantic event that will allow speaking about your feelings in an unusual and sweet way.

Active readers of our official page in Facebook can win 5 sets of “Strawberry Kisses”, tender sweets with white chocolate and strawberry flavor.

Be active, loved and inspired together with Lviv Handmade Chocolate!

Follow our news at Facebook and kiss your dearly loved person with a hashtag #KissingDay!