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Buy Chocolate Quadrance Online!

From now on all citizens of Ukraine can buy half-price chocolate, so Chocolate Quadrance can be found in the online shop! You need to sign in on our website, go to “Quadrance” section in the chocolate shop and add your favourite chocolate into your cart!

Lviv locals have already known that Chocolate Quadrance is a unique opportunity to buy half-price 100 g classic white, milk and dark chocolate tablets. Chocolate artists make chocolate tablets without packaging, so you can melt chocolate at home, use it for decorating your own bakery or just taste it as much as you want.

Such chocolate fair has taken place only in Lviv in all Lviv Handmade Chocolate houses until now and it will be held online from November 2 to December 1, 2016. Due to the tradition online selling will last only 15 minutes – from 15:00 till 15:15. Only in November!

Each customer can add into cart a limited quantity of chocolate tablets – per 5 tablets of each type. Processing and sending orders in Ukraine will be made due to the online shop rules – delivery during three days from the time of payment or collecting from the main storage (3 Serbska Str., Lviv) after clarifying with the online shop manager.

Invite your friends for chocolate online fair and enjoy the most delicious Lviv chocolate!

Please contact our online shop manager for further details about orders via the phone: +38 (050) 372 98 97.

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