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Our goal is to donate 1.500.000 UAH to the Armed Forces of Ukraine till the end of this year.

Where there is love, there is no place for darkness.

When Ukrainians unite together, our blue-yellow flag is raised in the occupied regions. 

All of us become a single unit against the common enemy at the frontline or in volunteer communities and, perhaps, at work, when you’ve found time to donate. That’s why, we would like to dedicate this article to pleasant news. No!

Actually, wonderful news!

Here’s our report.

Having bought patriotic sets from our collections, you’ve taken part in donating for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The sum that we have collected since March is just incredible, i.e. -  1.055.381 UAH.

All money was transferred to the Ministry of Defense for material-technical and medical support.

Nevertheless, it’s not the end, and we will not stop because you’ve inspired us with your power and persistence.
Here’s our new goal - 1.500.000 UAH till the end of this year!

How to join?
Please continue to buy sweets from our patriotic collection, and we’ll provide our soldiers with your donation.

Enemies will never turn the light off within us!