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“Berry Confiture” - Our Seasonal Menu

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that you can already savour the seasonal menu “Berry Confiture” in all Lviv Handmade Chocolate cafes. Our summer offer presents six desserts made of fresh and juicy berries and fruits: nectarine, blueberry, raspberry or strawberry. Just imagine – the finest combination of a juicy nectarine or a soft raspberry with tender creme anglaise or ice cream.

We warmly invite you to get acquainted with our summer offers:

Blueberry Panna Cotta – a tender creamy dessert with blueberry and lemon namelaka cream. It ruins stereotypes about classic panna cotta.

Dessert “Fluffy Tricks” – a fantastic combination of meringue with whipped cream and berry sauce.

And, of course, our permanent favourite delicious berry desserts:

Dessert “Fruit Duet” — crème anglaise, fresh blueberry, ice cream, blueberry syrup and choice of fruits: raspberry, strawberry or nectarine.

Chocolate Berry Tart — chocolate biscuit layer, white chocolate ganache and assorted berries.

Raspberry Milkshake — milk, ice cream and fresh raspberry.

“Berry Confiture” menu will last till August 15th in Lviv Handmade Chocolate cafés all over Ukraine! The clock is ticking, so hurry up to taste all desserts and choose the best one.