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Seasonal Menu “Strawberry Overtures”

Enjoy strawberry desserts from Lviv Handmade Chocolate

When red strawberries start to appear on the shelves, it means that summer is coming soon! Everyone is looking forward to the sunny and hot season, that’s why Lviv Handmade Chocolate artists have created for you the strawberry menu - “Strawberry Overtures”. There are seven incredible desserts that are made of delicious and juicy strawberry.

Here are our desserts:

  • Chocolate Strawberry cake - biscuit layer, milk chocolate airy mousse with fresh strawberry
  • Chocolate Strawberry Kawalerka - dark and white chocolate soufflé in combination with fresh strawberry sauce
  • Strawberry Delight - strawberry, ice cream, biscuit, milk chocolate, whipped cream
  • Creamy Strawberry dessert - strawberry, whipped cream, chocolate Strawberry with ice cream
  • Strawberry fondue - strawberry and a choice of chocolate
  • Strawberry topping - fresh red juicy strawberry that smells of summer.

The seasonal menu “Strawberry Overtures” starts in Lviv and other parts of Ukraine on May 1-15 in all Lviv Handmade Chocolate cafés and lasts till the end of June! So, everyone can enjoy the desserts.