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The 10 th Anniversary of Handmade Chocolate with Lviv Soul

The chain of Lviv Handmade Chocolate is celebrating its 10 th anniversary this year!

The sweetest history of chocolate shops and cafés, where you’ll find unique Lviv atmosphere, was started on March 8 th in 2009 on Chocolate Festival in Lviv. At that time the first sweets were sold at a small table at Rynok Square without which it’s difficult to imagine a shop window of sweets “Lviv Amour”, “Sophie”, “Bernardine”, “White Veil” and “Franz&Joseph”. The co-owner Nataliya Dubova made herself over 4000 sweets that were sold like hot cakes in several hours. Mouthwatering sweets made with love were enjoyed by locals and guests of the city.

Having captured the hearts of guests, handmade chocolate with Lviv soul began to travel in different parts of Ukraine and later on in the world. Sweets, unusual figurines and tablets made of exclusive chocolate bring out emotions and frank smiles in many people. It is this that inspired employees of Lviv Handmade Chocolate to create new chocolate masterpieces and move forward. Thanks to satisfied guests and fan lovers Lviv Handmade Chocolate has become one of the popular handmade manufacturers in Ukraine. The Company is moving onward to surprise its clients with high level of service and a vast range of assortment as well as confidently guarantee the quality of chocolate products. It’s been 10 years already that handmade chocolate sweets and cafés with cozy atmosphere bring positive emotions in many cities in Ukraine and abroad. Chocolate from Lviv Handmade Chocolate has become a traditional souvenir from Lviv.

We are creating the chocolate history together gifting happiness for people. Thank you for being with us!