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Strawberry Relish

Strawberries are delicious and juicy berries that are associated with the sun and
the summer. Everyone likes them, both adults and kids. They are not only very tasty
but healthy, too. Thus, Lviv Handmade Chocolate artists have prepared new delicious
strawberry desserts with the aroma of the summer and childhood.

Our strawberry offer consists of seven fantastic mouth-watering desserts.

#1 Strawberry mousse is a combination of delicate strawberry mousse, biscuit and
fresh strawberry sauce. It will surprise with its tenderness.
#2 Strawberry chocolate cake is a chocolate sponge cake with strawberry and dark
and white chocolate mousse. Everyone will remember its emphatic taste.
#3 Strawberry delight is a dessert with strawberry, ice cream, biscuit, milk
chocolate and whipped cream. The presentation will impress you.
#4 Strawberry creamy dessert. Strawberry is topped with whipped cream and
chocolate. It’s an ideal combination of tastes.
#5 Ice cream with strawberry has been a classic dessert since childhood that
attracts guests with its simplicity and exquisite taste.
# 6 Strawberry fondue with assorted chocolate is a perfect and exciting offer for
rendezvous or friendly meetings.
# 7 You can order fresh delicious strawberry as an add-on with another chocolate
All above-mentioned desserts can be tasted in Lviv Handmade Chocolate all over