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Winter Holidays

The winter can change our mood every day. Either it’s sunny or pouring rain or as expecting to be; snow. All you want is to feel warm with a cup of your favourite drinks in a cozy café in such season. Thus, there is nothing better than sweet desserts with hot spiced drinks for a special evening and a good company.

The beginning of the week is worth starting with drinks with a flavour of spices and fruits as well as fill your body with necessary quantity of vitamins: “Cranberry punch” is a hot drink with cranberry and orange juices, lemon, orange, mint and cranberry; “Sea-buckthorn tea” is a hot drink with sea-buckthorn, orange, mint, honey and spices. Vanilla milk spiced drink with whipped cream goes well with an evening gathering reading a book and watching a true winter fairy-tale outside the window. A warm “Christmas cider” fits best for holidays as it combines apple juice with orange, lemon and pear with allspice, cinnamon, clove, fresh ginger and honey.

You can choose black tea with blueberry, mint and grenadine syrup, having a traditional title “Berry tea”. To feel rejuvenated on weekends, bring your friends for a fantastic and sweet “Mishmash” - dark chocolate, milk, cherry syrup, mint syrup, marshmallow.

Visit Lviv Handmade Chocolate from December 1st in Lviv and from December 9th in other cafés of Ukraine during all winter and throughout the magic winter holidays!