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Sweet reading

As always, at the beginning of autumn Lviv is turning into a space, united by publishers, writers, authors, translators and book fans. It is a great time for refilling your book collection at home and receiving satisfaction from reading.

Lviv Handmade Chocolate and the Old Lion Publishing House are inviting you to join “Sweet Reading”. Those people, who cannot imagine their life without books and chocolate, can choose any set they wish: a book and delicious sweets:

  • Sweet Reading” - a set includes a book by Tony Hsieh “Delivering Happiness: a Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose” translated into Ukrainian and a set of sweets “Spirited chocolates”;

  • "Sweet Reading for Ladies" - a set includes a Ukrainian book by Oksana Karavanska “Style Guide for Teen Glamour­Puss” and a set of sweets “Strawberry kisses”.

  • "Sweet Reading for Boys” - a set includes a book by Martin Sodomka “How to Make a Motocycle” translated into Ukrainian and a set of sweets “Caramel tubes”.

You can get these incredible offers for special prices. The online shop will surprise you, too.

Please join our “Sweet Reading” project and select your favourite sets in the nearest Lviv Handmade