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Strawberry choice

Strawberry trifle is a combination of strawberry, white chocolate, biscuit, ice cream and whipped cream

Strawberry cold tea. It’s green tea with strawberry, orange, lemon, fresh mint and strawberry syrup.

Strawberry delight is a combination of ice cream, strawberry, cookies, milk chocolate and whipped cream.

Ice cream with strawberry.

Strawberry fondue. It’s strawberry and a choice of chocolate: dark, white or milk.

Strawberry creamy dessert is a combination of whipped cream with strawberry and chocolate.

Strawberry cheese mousse with granola is a cottage cheese dessert with granola, orange zest and strawberry sauce.

Strawberry mango smoothie is a light and sweet drink with strawberry, mango and strawberry syrup.

Strawberry waffles are sweet with strawberry, chocolate and whipped cream.

Savor our delicious strawberry desserts and drinks in all Lviv Handmade Chocolate starting on May 25th!