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Vivid Tastes of Chocolate Classics

You are keen on new menu offers whereas we adore to surprise you!

Thus, our pastry cooks and chocolatiers traditionally have done some magic over the menu and it has got much more vivid tastes combining with most-liked classic recipes.

Let’s start a warm season with “Strawberry Overtures”. It’s a seasonal menu where each dessert is complemented with juicy fresh strawberry and Lviv tasty chocolate. The menu consists of light strawberry tiramisu, strawberry and cream, tender vanilla ice cream with strawberry, strawberry-banana smoothie… Or you may create your own combination of tastes with fresh strawberry, whipped cream and melted chocolate with a “Strawberry Fun” dessert. What you need is to simply choose chocolate that you prefer best: white, milk or dark.

There is a special mood and taste in each dessert that is worth tasting: tender pudding with three types of chocolate or berry-almond tartlet, cream-meringue cake or “Grand Choux” cake with chocolate crust. Inspired by a special Italian charm “Dolce Affogato” dessert is a unique combination of classic tastes of chocolate, white ice cream and strong coffee with Savoyardi biscuits and almond.

Cocktails, lemonades and desserts will tell you more about themselves when you taste or drink them. Just try and enjoy!

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Chocolate Cafes of your city!