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Helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine Together!

A blooming and undefeated country where free people live - this is what it has been since it was founded and how we see it today. Nowadays, we are standing for and defending our rights greatly. Meanwhile, our power astonishes the whole world.

Thus, we have created a collection of delicious sweets that represents and symbolizes the unconquerable spirit of Ukrainians and the fight for independence. Traditional ornaments and patterns that are so dear to us, instilled from the cradle, are depicted with weapons because it’s our reality and because it’s our responsibility. Bright colours on dark places mean a difficult way that we will undergo with dignity and see our victory - our free Motherland.

The collection “Strong Ukraine” is appreciation for everyone who protects us, appreciation for every piece of conquered land.

We’ve noticed that our guests like the collection so much, that’s why we announce that 20% from sales will be transferred for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You savour your favourite sweets and we collect your donation in support of soldiers.