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Dear Partners and Guests!

We have experienced various trials this year. We have learnt to live and not to postpone “until later”.

We’ve been faced with lots of griefs and losses that it’s impossible to place them in the heart.

We have become much more consolidated, unconquered and united.

We’ve remembered the enemy in the face, and, needless to say, this pain is burning with a voice of revenge now. We have been starting to love passionately and unconditionally as we do not behave frivolously with feelings and emotions.


This year has been extremely difficult.

For the time being, we obviously believe, help, wait, volunteer, pray and stay in touch. In fact, for every worrying “How are you?” we wish to hear “I’m fine”. And you feel better.

We will do our best in order to see the victory soon.

Glory to Ukraine!

The Team of Lviv Handmade Chocolate