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Chocolate Collection inspired by Ivan Levynskyi

We present a special collection of chocolate, inspired by Ivan Levynskyi, his personality and creative heritage. The well-known architect and builder at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX centuries influenced the architectural features of Lviv and showed the world a great artistic value of Ukrainian folk art.

Levynskyi’s heritage consists of a great number of buildings and villas, hospitals and sanatoriums, decorated with ceramic tiles, maiolica tile panels as well as mettlach and facing tiles.

The most outstanding buildings in Lviv are as follows: the building of the  “Dnister” Insurance Community “Dnister”, Lviv Opera and Ballet House, the Main Railway Station, Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, George Hotel, Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy and many other buildings that we pass by every day.

The ceramic products of the factory are precious as Ivan Levynskyi showed his love towards Ukrainian folk art. He placed national ornaments on dishware sets, decor, stove tiles and wall ceramic tiles. In fact, what inspired us to create a new collection was ceramics.

We have designed a unique 3D-model of chocolate tablets with geometric and floral ornaments, peculiar to Lviv secession. These tablets are small copies of ceramic stove tiles manufactured by Ivan Levynskyi. Our chocolatiers were greatly inspired by colouring patterns and national motives of products by the legendary Master. Thus, new sets of marzipan, chocolate-nut and chocolate-fruit sweets have appeared in our assortment.

That’s why, the following chocolate collection is a display of our respect and gratitude to Ivan Levynskyi and an appeal for recognition of Lviv, the city where we live and the city which will be inherited.