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Each history of success originates from its unique point.

In 2008 the Dubovyi couple were inspired to create unique chocolate products. These were natural and of high quality sweets that you couldn’t find anywhere in Ukraine. Dozens of hours and recipes in foreign languages - Nataliia Dubova could make up to 4,000 sweets per night. The first small sweet display counter of Lviv Handmade Chocolate was established in the center of Lviv at the beginning of spring. Locals and guests of our city tasted the handmade chocolate sweets for the first time. Everything was sold like hot cakes. Little by little, people started to fall in love  with “exquisite sweets” more and more.

When you make an effort and do something with love, the masterpiece becomes art.

If your work carries a deep meaning, it becomes a vocation. Our mission is sharing love towards chocolate with the whole world, and we have been implementing it for 14 years already. This motto is heard in the heart of everyone working here, so that you can indulge yourself in something delicious.

For the time being, the chain includes more than 50 restaurants all over Ukraine including the Western Asia whereas chocolate packages are being recognized and loved. There are approximately 300 unique recipes in Lviv Handmade Chocolate, used by professional chocolatiers in Lviv every day. Yes, sweets, made in Lviv, travel around the world: from our cozy cafes to the Queen of Belgium , supermarkets in Japan and the Canadian diaspora.

With constant dedication to each of you,

the Team of Lviv Handmade Chocolate!