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Love Post

A traditional Love Post will start working in Lviv Handmade Chocolate from February 3.

Each person can choose a sweet present for his or her dearest person and leave it with a postcard in one of Lviv Handmade Chocolate cafés. Our "postmen" will invite a lucky person to get a gift on February 14.

You can find Love Post at the following addresses in Lviv: 5 Sichovykh Striltsiv Str. and 226A Kulparkivska Str., "Viktoria Gardens" shopping centre. Love Post will also function in other cities of Ukraine where Lviv Handmade Chocolate shops are represented.

Our chocolatiers have prepared unique chocolate gifts devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. Guests will have a chance to choose anything what they like from a wide range of chocolate hearts, tasty sets of chocolate sweets and chocolate figurines. Your greeting can be special and incredible as we are ready to make chocolate products individually (to place a décor, a printed message, a picture, etc.)

So, join our Love Post which will run on from February 3 to the last gift. Make your declaration of love wrapped with chocolate; in our turn we will do everything our best to leave your person with pleasant memories for long!

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