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Fall vacation

Fall generosity has inspired us to create an incredible menu that attracts guests with spice flavour, magnificently combines with chocolate and warms up with a sweet feeling of home coziness.

The seasonal variation is “Pumpkin cake” - tender cottage cheese with chocolate chips and pumpkin soufflé.

The fall mood will be warmed up with “Mulled wine” - apple blackcurrant juice, fresh fruits and spices and “Apple tea” - sweet herbal melissa tea, fresh apple and orange, cinnamon and clove.

Caramelized pear with dark chocolate, ice cream and almond flakes is “Chocolate flirtation”.

“Irish flat white” is a drink that will cheer you up and allow you to fully enjoy a harmoniously combination of double espresso, whipped milk and sweet syrup.

“Fall Vacations” will surprise you in Lviv Handmade Chocolate restaurants from September 16 in Lviv and from October 1, 2016 all over Ukraine. Enjoy!


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